Packing For Two (Or Maybe 1.5)

a baby sitting next to a large backpack
Lucas Miles W. sizing up the pack
While packing for our current Southeast Asia trip, Kim and I once again had to figure out the best way to pack. I knew that I was bringing one of my backpacks, the questions was which one? Could I squeeze all of my things plus most of Lucas’ into a 60 liter pack like I did for our trip to Barbados? For a 2+ week trip that wasn’t going to happen.
Our trip would be over double the time compared to Barbados. I decided to bring (give or take) the same amount of things for myself but Lucas would need a lot more clothing, toys and other supplies.
a man kneeling next to a baby

I decided to bring my 75 liter North Face backpack. When I finished packing my things, there was a ton of space left. I figured after packing Lucas’ gear I would still have some space left over. This was not happening. I ended up stuffing diapers in just about any empty space so we could buy as little as possible during the trip. You can see how I packed quite a few into the side water bottle holder in the pic below.

a baby lying on a backpack
After I was done packing Lucas had a lot of fun using my backpack as his jungle gym. I never knew that my bag could be so much fun!
How would you pack if you were traveling with an infant?

One thought on “Packing For Two (Or Maybe 1.5)

  1. What a cute baby! Traveling with a baby is challenging, because we seem to have so much baby gear. We’ve tried a lot of baby carriers, and I like scootababy the best because it is lightweight, can hold a baby up to 37lbs., easy to get on and off. That way, we don’t necessarily have to bring a stroller, too. I always pack tiny A+D ointment tubes and travel wipes in our diaper bag. I was thinking of using those space bags to pack more diapers compactly.

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