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Lucas’ Seven Month Old Travel Recap & Our Upcoming Plans

a sign on a window

While walking around SoHo in New York City we came across this awesome sign. It was in the window of Giggle, a baby store. 

I thought it would make for a good photo with Lucas. It pretty much sums up our thoughts for traveling with a baby. Lucas has not held us back, he has been a great travel partner!

a man and baby posing for a picture

When Kim got pregnant many people commented on how things would slow down for us in terms of travel. I never listened to these remarks and always said how we plan to still go away multiple times each year. The question would then be- with the baby??? My answer was always a firm yes. I have always seen families traveling with infants so why couldn’t we?

The other day I ran into a neighbor that I had not seen in a few months. She asked how Lucas was and then made a comment about us not traveling. I told her how great Lucas was doing and then went on to tell her about our trips we had taken. I also mentioned our upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. After each trip that I spoke about she asked “with the baby”, was he coming along? When I told her yes she was surprised and impressed that we were still getting to travel.

a man and baby posing for a picture

On our two trips (flying) to date with Lucas we’ve definitely had to slow down a little. There are stops needed for feeding and changing but otherwise Lucas has been a great travel partner. 
I don’t feel like we had to pass up many experiences or missed out on much so far.

Lucas is having a great first year of travel. He might not remember the places he went and things he saw but we have lots of pictures to show him when he is older. It’s also been an amazing experience for Kim and I!
Here are Lucas’ trips and the age that he took them:
  1. Barbados- 3 months old
  2. South Dakota- 6 months old
a baby sitting on a white blanket

Tomorrow we leave for Southeast Asia and Lucas just turned 7 months old this past Saturday. We’ll be flying in business class thanks to our mileage collecting! (This should be a great experience in itself!)

We will be visiting:

  • Singapore
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hopefully we’ll get in another little adventure before his first birthday!

Stay tuned…