A New Kind of Miles

Many of us are obsessed with collecting airline miles to help fund our travels around the world. We collect them by applying for credit cards, shopping on award portals and some even go on mileage runs.

There are tons of  airline frequent flyer programs out there. We have AAdvantage, Aeroplan, Avios, MileagePlus, Dividend Miles, Skymiles and many others.

I want to introduce my favorite kind of miles… His name is Lucas Miles!

Lucas was born on January 11, 2012. Lucas was born with travel in his genes. He applied for his passport at 6 weeks old and will be taking his first international flight to Barbados in early April, just shy of 3 months old.

Lucas Miles W. would like to share some of his travels on his Daddy’s blog from time to time… Stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “A New Kind of Miles

  1. Congrats!!! My daughter was born on 1/7/12, we can’t apply for her passport until birth certificate issued, which will be 3 months after she’s born.


    1. I live in CA, and that was told by the Birth, Death & Marriage Records office. May be that’s the consequences of state budget cut. How fast can you get his birth cert in your state?


  2. Our first daughter took her first international trip when she was five months old. I had a work trip to Ireland and couldn’t leave her behind so I brought her and the man. They travel so well at hat age because their needs are so easy to meet. Enjoy!

    1. That is great! I’ve thought about which places would be good to visit with an infant and Ireland is on my list! I’d probably rent a car which would make things easier…

      Have you done a lot more travel with your daughter?

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