Happy 1st Birthday to Lucas Miles

a man holding a child on his shoulders
Ryman Auditorium- Nashville, TN

Last March I wrote about A New Kind of Miles. However, I wasn’t talking about airlines miles. I wanted to introduce my son Lucas Miles.

January 11 was a very special day at the Michael W Travels home. We were celebrating the first birthday of our amazing little boy Lucas. He has brought a ton of joy and happiness to Kim & I. Things will never be the same for us, they have only gotten better!
Watching Lucas grow and change over the year has been really incredible!

a baby sitting in a chair

Most people seem to think that having a baby means an end to many things including the freedom to go out and TRAVEL. This has not been the case at all with Lucas. He is a real people-person, always smiling and screaming at strangers to get their attention and say hi.
He is also very curious and seems to enjoy visiting new places.

Since Lucas has been born, 2012 has been a very busy year for travel. We took Lucas for his passport when he was around one month old and his first flight was when he was a week shy of three months old.

Here is where Lucas has flown in his first year:

  • April: Barbados
  • June- July: South Dakota + day trip to Wyoming
  • August: Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia
  • December- Kentucky & Tennessee
a man holding a baby in front of mount rushmore
Mt. Rushmore- South Dakota
a man holding a baby
Uluwatu Temple- Bali

We also went on a bunch of local/ driving trips during 2012. We visited Pennsylvania three times (mainly for Club Carlson promos), drove to Saratoga, NY for my first sponsored tripand did a few other mini-trips during the year.

At a year old, Lucas has been to 5 countries (including the U.S.) and 7 states. That’s a pretty solid amount of travel for a first year.

I want to once again wish Lucas a Happy Birthday!

Make sure to check back for future posts that include tips about traveling with an infant.
Due to the amount of travel Lucas has done, I feel that Kim and I have learned quite a bit!

a man and woman with a baby in front of mount rushmore

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