Tasty Deal! Buy 1, Get 1 FREE: Shake Shack Burger or Chicken Sandwich

Shake ShackOver the years, I’ve written many times about Shake Shack, my favorite fast-casual burger chain.

Shake Shack is often compared to In N Out and Five Guys. In my opinion, Shack is the clear winner of the fast food burger wars!

Earlier today, the restaurant sent out an e-mail with a holiday gift, “as a thank you for all your support.”Shake ShackFrom now until January 3, 2021 when you order a burger or chicken sandwich, you’ll get a 2nd one on Shack!

To get the offer, you’ll need to place your order online or in the Shake Shack app. While placing your order, you need to use code: THANKYOU at checkout.

I can’t say that I’ve been visiting Shack much over the past months (besides grabbing a shake a couple of times) but this offer will definitely prompt us to visit.

If you do head over to Shake Shack, I highly recommend that you try the Chocolate Spice shake from their limited-time Holiday Shakes offerings. I think it’s probably the best shake flavor they’ve ever offered!

The restaurant is also currently running a gift card promo offer. Until December 31, 2020, when you purchase a $25 gift card, you’ll get a free shake voucher! (Spend $50 and they’ll send two vouchers…)

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2 thoughts on “Tasty Deal! Buy 1, Get 1 FREE: Shake Shack Burger or Chicken Sandwich

  1. Add a shake to get over $10 and then pay with the AMEX Gold for even more savings. Thanks for the tip. This should cover lunch or dinner tomorrow.

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