Food Review: Shake Shack x Pat LaFrieda Collab: Steak Frites

Shake Shack

Yesterday I shared news about a limited time Shake Shack x Pat LaFrieda Collab: Steak Fries to go.

This special menu item would only be available at two locations, one in New York City and one in New Jersey.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants are doing food delivery or to go orders. To get out and still practice social distancing, we decided to drive to Shake Shack’s West Village Innovation Kitchen to give the steak frites a try.

I placed an order through the Shack app and headed to the city from Brooklyn. There was absolutely no traffic (or many cars on the road), and we made it there in under 30 minutes. By the time our order was ready, I couldn’t wait to check out the steaks and take a bite.Everything was packed neatly.Here’s the first look at the Shake Shack x Pat LaFrieda Steak Frites.The meals came with a side of horseradish sauce and ShakSauce. (The smaller container above contained the watercress greens which I forgot to snap a photo of.)Here’s the proof that we really did eat our Steak Frites in the car. This was no easy feat!Getting ready to dig in as we sat in my car outside the Shake Shack Innovation Kitchen.

The steak wasn’t the easiest to cut sitting in a car, using a plastic fork and knife. However, once we took a bite, we really enjoyed it.

The steak was very tasty, juicy and flavorful, I’d best describe it as buttery.

The one negative with the steak was that it was a bit fattier than I like. (The watercress greens added a slight peppery flavor and helped to cut the richness of the fat.)Here’s a look inside. The steak was cooked medium- medium rare. I think Kim’s steak was a little more rare than mine.

I almost forgot to mention the steak tasted very good on its own but we also really enjoyed it with both the horseradish and ShackSauce!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was a very yummy steak at a reasonable price. This limited time collaboration gave us an excuse to get out while still socially distancing ourselves from others. (Too bad it was raining on and off most of the day!)

Would you be interested in trying a Shack x Pat LaFrieda steak?

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