Visiting The Incredible Kerid Crater In South Iceland

Kerid CraterIceland has some of the most amazing and diverse natural sites in the world.

During our visit to the country, we spent time at sites like the Justin Bieber Canyon and the Church Floor among many others.

While doing research for our trip, I hoped to see a crater lake in person. Kim and I decided to make it a point to visit Kerid Crater in South Iceland.a lake in a mountainKerid Crater is a volcanic crater lake  located close to the Golden Circle. a woman carrying a baby on a dirt roadAfter getting out of our car, we immediately noticed lots of very irritating bugs flying around our heads.

We made our way over to the ticket booth, paid our admission fee and then headed up the path to check out the views along the crater. a man and boy standing on a rock with a lake in the backgroundIt was an easy circular route up to the top. Good for kids but beware some parts had some loose gravel and were a bit slippery. After a few photo attempts, we found this spot to be the best place to snap photos of the incredible Kerid Crater.a man standing on a rock with arms outstretchedWhile here, I wondered if this rock was natural or placed there for people to sit and stand on top of for photos…a woman sitting on a rock with a lake in the background a group of people sitting on a rock with a lake in the backgroundIt was nice to get a rare family photo. The site had other visitors but it’s so big that it never felt like it was crowded by any means.a small lake in a mountainAs you walk around the crater, it’s really cool to see how the views change. I don’t like how the lake looks in this photo but the background scenery is just awesome.a lake in a craterI love how you can see how high the walls of the crater are. Some people were taking the path down to the lake. We skipped this as we had a lot of other things planned for the day.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we really loved checking out Kerid Crater. Hiking around the rim was a fun family adventure! It’s definitely worthy of a visit and was pretty unique compared to other sites we visited around the island.

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