Window Seat Open, Do You Ask The Man In The Middle To Move Over?

window seatLast week, the Michael W Travels family flew to Iceland.

The plane we flew on had a single aisle with 3 seats on each side (sorry, I forgot the type of plane). Since we’re a family of four, we had three seats next to each other for Kim & the kids and I was assigned the aisle seat across from their row.

During boarding, the crew announced that it was a full flight. A man took his middle seat a few minutes after we boarded but nobody ever sat by the window in my row.

Once I saw that boarding was completed, I hoped and wondered if the man in the middle would move over. (He was currently using the extra seat for his blazer and airplane pillow and blanket.)

As we got closer to takeoff, I wondered if should I ask the man to move over? I decided against it but really hoped for the extra space for this short flight.

We took off with the window seat open and me still needing to share an armrest for no real reason considering there was an extra seat. I figured that unless I said something, I was doomed. Regardless, I felt that it was weird to say anything, so I kept quiet.

Thankfully, the man did move over soon after the seatbelt sign was shut off.

What would you do in this scenario? Would you keep quiet or say something?

5 thoughts on “Window Seat Open, Do You Ask The Man In The Middle To Move Over?

  1. Happened to me before and I’ve offered to move to the window and let the other person have the aisle so we can both spread out.

  2. I always ask nicely ” are you going to move over or should I punch you in the face. ” they never do. People have become very rude.

  3. I think once doors close I’d ask. The only reason I’d say no if I was in his position is if I thought u had a companion on the flight who would then take the middle seat.

  4. Of course I ask them to move – I’ve done it before. It’s not impolite, it’s just stating the obvious to someone who is so locked into their “assigned seat” they don’t understand that options are available. Furthermore, nobody would purposely assign themselves a middle seat. The airline did it when nothing else was open. Most would be grateful for the chance to move. (I’ve also turned off my neighbors reading light if they fall asleep and leave it on, not necessarily for their benefit but rather for my own comfort. Sometimes you just have to take charge when the situation warrants.)

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