A Tasty Souvenir From Our Trip To Iceland

icelandThe Michael W Travels family started off the summer break with a trip to Iceland.

During our trip, we focused on visiting areas in the south. We had a great time during our trip around this pricey island nation.

Food costs in Iceland can potentially break the budget but there are some ways to save. Daily supermarket visits kept the price of daily  breakfast, lunch and snacks to $25-$30 (per day for a family of 4).

Another way to save was by getting a tasty Icelandic hot dog at a gas station or food stand. At around $3.50, they make for a tasty meal.

While in Reykjavik, we had to try a hot dog (known as a pylsur in Iceland) from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur,  the most famous stand in the country. (Check out my review of Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur here.)icelandIcelandic hot dogs have a lot of toppings. If you order one with everything, it’s topped with ketchup, mustard, remoulade, crispy fried onions and raw onion.

In my opinion, the most distinct topping is the sweet, brownish mustard known as Pylsusinnep. It’s made by the same company (SS) as the hot dogs.

During the trip, I mentioned to Kim how I’d love a souvenir with the hot dog character logo on it, possibly a t-shirt or squeeze bottle.

I asked around at a couple of stands, one vendor thought he might have an empty squeeze bottle to give me but he couldn’t find it. The famed Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur told me that to get one of their shirts, I’d have to work there for a few months!

I also stopped at what we thought was the SS factory, it ended up being the slaughterhouse. The not so friendly employee told me that they didn’t sell any branded items.icelandWe arrived at Keflavik International Airport early. I was glad that I did since I got the dreaded SSSS on my boarding pass.

After getting through security, we went into some shops. One of them had lots of Icelandic foods for sale. To my surprise and joy, they sold small squeeze bottles of the delicious Pylsusinnep!

Typically, purchasing items at airports is a pricey proposition but at KEF, the prices were really fair.

It wasn’t a hard decision. I quickly grabbed a bottle of the Icelandic mustard to bring home as a tasty souvenir! I don’t remember the exact price but it was around $4.50.icelandWithin a few days of being home, we gave our souvenir a try.

I made Trader Joe’s chicken hot dogs and topped them with crispy onions, ketchup and Icelandic mustard. One word, delicious!

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  1. The grocery stores carry these as well. I picked up a few from the grocery store. Sorry don’t recollect the name

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