Visiting The Church Floor In Kirkjubæjarklaustu, Iceland

IcelandDuring our trip to Iceland, we visited lots of natural sites. We really enjoyed the diversity of these attractions and made it a point to see as much as possible.

While in Iceland, there was one site that we hoped to visit which reminded us of the amazing Giant’s Causeway (Northern Ireland) in a way.

The Church Floor In Kirkjubæjarklaustu is made of basalt columns which barely stick out of the ground while the columns at Giant’s Causeway stick up in a variety of heights.a collage of a signAccording to details provided at the small site, The Church Floor was “protected as a natural monument in 1987.”

On the rainy day we visited, we passed a handful of other visitors stopping by. Even more surprising to us was that there was staff tending to the path and the grounds surrounding the site.a stone path with grass and a fieldIn Icelandic, the site is known as Kirkjugolff (church floor) and it is thought that a church was once in the area. However, there are no records of a church or other manmade structures ever having been here!a close up of a stone floorWe enjoyed seeing the interesting shapes and sizes along the different floors (which has all been created by nature).a child standing on a stone pathThe kids had a lot of fun exploring the site too, especially Theo!a man and woman wearing rain coatsI’m not sure that The Church Floor Made for a great photo but why not give it a try.a rocky area with a large hill in the backgroundThis section was the tallest chunk of the floor sticking out of the ground. As you can see, it wasn’t very tall.a woman and child standing on a rock formationFinal Thoughts:

Overall, visiting the Church Floor in Iceland was a fun stop. It was interesting to see the basalt columns in this form.

The Church Floor is located in the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustu, which is between Vik and Hofn. 

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