US Borders With Canada & Mexico CLOSED Until Late August

US Border
image: Twitter @DHS_Wolf

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made traveling tough throughout the world. Currently, the American passport isn’t of much use if you’d like to travel to a long list of destinations.

Many Americans are hitting the roads, taking road trips to fulfill their desire for wanderlust.

If you’d like to drive over the border into Canada or Mexico, you’ll now need to wait a bit longer.

Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security’s Acting Secretary Chad Wolf tweeted some very important information.

@DHS_Wolf tweeted, “Based on the success of the existing restrictions and close collaboration with Mexico and Canada, @DHSgov will continue to limit non-essential travel at our land ports of entry with Canada and Mexico until Aug 20.”

Wolf also mentioned, “close collaboration with our neighbors has allowed us to respond to #COVID19 in a North American approach and slow the travel-related spread of the virus,” according to USA Today.

Canadien Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted the news too, mentioning that non-essential travels between Canada and the United States remains restricted. He also mentioned that they agreed to extend the current border measures for another 30 days.

In more positive news, these extended closures don’t affect air travel for people flying between the three countries.

How do you feel about the US borders with Canada and Mexico being closed for an additional 30 days?

Find out more from USA Today here.

4 thoughts on “US Borders With Canada & Mexico CLOSED Until Late August

  1. Compared to Hawaii, Canada is a cesspool of Covid-19. Canada has had over 8,800 deaths while Hawaii only 22. Canada has 26 times the population so multiple Hawaii’s 22 deaths with 26 and you get a bit over 500. So Canada 8,800 Hawaii 500. Yet Canada claims superiority. Yeah, superiority in more Covid-19 deaths.

    Canada is so smug because it allows Canadians to fly (not drive) to the US for any non-essential reason but denies the same treatment for Americans. Typical of the selfish and snobbish attitude of them Canucks, eh?

  2. Beautiful. The more travel across the border, the more illegal immigration through fake asylum claims. The current policy of immediately deporting illegals apprehended after crossing the border should be continued indefinitely. Americans have a right to sovereignty.

    1. That is because Canada restricts who gets a Covid 19 test. Canada has done 3.3 million tests but the United States has done in excess of 42 million more tests than Canada, far higher than the proportion of the US population versus Canada.

      True, there are many American idiots who refuse to wear and mask and cough Covid-19 at each other at beach parties and bars, but Canadians spread Covid-19 at topless bars (several topless bars implicated in the spread).

      The truth of the matter is that FL, TX, CA, NY/NJ/CT had lots of cases but take out those states and Canada is about the same or worse than the US. Compare Canada with Hawaii and Hawaii is very clean and Canada is a diseased wasteland.

      Bottom line: wash hands, wear masks, stay at home as much as possible

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