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You’ll Dig Dining At Mister Dips- Brooklyn, NY

awesome burgers

When I first read that chef and restaurateur Andrew Carmellini would be opening a burger and ice cream stand at the new William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I knew that I had to check it out.

I’ve had burgers at a couple of Carmellini’s restaurants (The Dutch and Lafayette) and they were awesome so I had high expectation for this new fast-food concept.

Mister Dips opened on Thursday, September 29,  and my family and I headed by to check it out a couple of days later. Continue reading You’ll Dig Dining At Mister Dips- Brooklyn, NY

See New York “Like A Local”

Like A Local

Even when we’re not traveling, Kim and I like to explore at home. Luckily New York has a ton of things to do.

Whether it be visiting a new park with Lucas, trying out new restaurants, maybe a neighborhood we’re unfamiliar with- we’re always out and about exploring and showing Lucas the variety that New York offers, even a local…

When I received an invite for a food tour of a neighborhood in Brooklyn that I am quite familiar with, I was curious. Would a tour like this be good to recommend to readers? Would I learn something new? Would I know most of the places that the tour stops at? etc… Continue reading See New York “Like A Local”