TSA Social Media Loses A Star, RIP Bob Burns

image: @TSA Instagram

Many of us might not be big fans of the TSA but one thing that this government agency does right, is it’s hilarious Instagram account.

The success of the account, which has just under 1,000,000 followers, is credited to one man, Bob Burns.

I’ve been a big fan of their account for quite some time and have written many blog posts about the @TSA Instagram’s witty and funny things they’ve shared.

Early last night I came across a post from the TSA which shared some awful and surprising news, TSA Bob had passed away.

I didn’t know much about Bob Burns besides the fact that he was the man responsible for the TSA Instagram account’s success and humor. (I didn’t even know that one person was primarily responsible for the account until Bob started following me on Twitter a few years back and liked some of my posts.)

Since then, I had seen articles and interviews with Bob and learned that he had won many Webby Awards for his work with the TSA.

Once I saw the post about Bob’s passing on Instagram, I did a search to find out more details. Bob was only 48 years- old, a father to two young daughters and a husband. My heart goes out to his family. He wasn’t a sick man, he died of a sudden illness, making the situation even worse.

It’s amazing to think that one man could turn random, bizarre items confiscated in airports into a hilarious Instagram account, loved by many. (Another fav was the AskTSA.)

The world will miss TSA Bob and I hope that to honor him best, the TSA can continue to keep the Instagram account half as funny as Mr. Burns did.

If you’re not doing so already, you can follow the TSA Instagram account here.

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