TSA Finds Batman’s Batarang At Airport


Towards the end of 2016 I wrote how the TSA has one of the most interesting Instagram accounts.

Here are a few posts that I’ve come across. The TSA blocked a giant Teddy bear from flying at LAX, found Lucille from the Walking Dead and confiscated a 3-D printed gun.

The latest find is something that looks like it’s come right out of a Batman movie.

Upon first look, the officers came across a “harmless inanimate bat,” according to the TSA Instagram post . However, upon further inspection, a Batarang appeared!

The discovery took place at Norfolk International Airport (ORF) where the officers were “far to clever“.

I found news of this discovery to be quite timely. The Lego Batman just came out and we took Lucas to see it this past weekend. Lucas loved the movie and Kim said it was pretty good too. I enjoyed the parts that I watched between taking some naps!

Next time you think of taking your Batarang to the airport, thing again. Just know that the officers are always watching!

Find out more from the TSA Instagram account here.

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