TSA Instagram: No Hoes On Planes!

tsa instagram

Lots of interesting and odd things are discovered trying to get past security at airports around the country. The TSA Instagram account does a good job making light of the situation by sharing humorous posts featuring what was recently found.

Find out about the Top 10 Unusual Find by the TSA in 2016.

The TSA blocked a giant Teddy bear from flying from LAX last year. And one of my favorite finds of 2016 was Lucille from my favorite TV show, The Walking Dead.

The TSA continues to find ridiculous and dangerous items which clearly do not belong on airplanes. Well, at least not brought on as a carry-on!

It might not be obvious to some but hoes do not belong on airplanes!

For those of you with dirty minds, let’s reword that statement.

What the TSA Instagram post that I came across meant was that gardening hoes do not belong on a plane unless it’s going in a checked bag! (A traveler actually tried to bring the hoe shown above on a plane at Newark Airport (EWR)!

From the moment I saw the hoe, I found it a no-brainer that it had no place being brought on a plane as a carry-on item. What do you think about sharp pieces of metal being brought onboard?

Check out the post from the TSA Instagram account here.

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