TSA Says That Your Pie Can Fly On Thanksgiving

image: @TSA on Instagram

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is the one ran by the TSA.

This humorous account shares pics of many interesting items found by the TSA. At times, people aren’t happy with the agents snapping photos of their stuff. One good example is when they came across a humongous lobster.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year.

When it comes to a holiday which revolves around eating, one might wonder what kinds of foods can fly.

Yesterday, the TSA shared some valuable information for the Thanksgiving holiday which is good news for you bakers out there. (And even for those of you who like to purchase desserts.)

If you’re planning to bring a pie to your destination, it is allowed to fly as a carry-on item. The TSA let us know that it will be put through the X-Ray machine but it won’t “need an E.A.T. test“.

Its good to know that pies can fly but I wondered a couple of things.

For those of you flying with a pie:

  1. Do you hold it on your lap for safe keeping?
  2. Is a pie safe in the overhead bin? I’d be afraid that it might get crushed or even fall out when the bin is opened.
  3. Do any of you just place your pie on the floor under the seat in front of you?

On a more serious note, the Michael W Travels family wants to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Kim and I are most thankful for our two amazing little boys. How about you?

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