The TSA Instagram Account Lets Us Know If Dead Bugs Can Fly!

TSA InstagramThe TSA Instagram account is one of my favorites for good reason.

They share funny posts about items they find at airports like a lost bowling ball and Batman’s Batarang.

The TSA social media account can also be very helpful since you can send them questions and find out if your item in question is allowed to fly.

Around Thanksgiving, they let us know that you’re pie can fly over the holidays.

A question was recently sent to the TSA Twitter account asking , “can my husband carry on his  bug collection of dead specimens?

I’d assume that a collection of dead bugs could fly but it always pays to find out if you’re unsure.

The TSA responded to the tweet with some valuable info. For those of you also curious about this question, yes, the bug collection can fly as a carry on item.

tsa instagramThe TSA Instagram shared a photo of the bug collection and some other details like, “but they can’t actually fly anymore. Those days have clearly passed for this swarm. They’ve been pinned down for quite a while on a project.”

They also figured that the woman’s husband made her ask, “because he didn’t want to be a pest and bug us, right?”

I always love how the TSA tries to have fun with these kind of questions. Rather than coming off as just a boring government agency, they respond with witty (corny, funny, silly) answers which are good for a quick laugh!

If you’ve ever wondered if an item could fly, you can send a picture to AskTSA on Twitter or send it through Facebook Messenger.

Check out the TSA Instagram post about the bug collection here.

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