TSA Instagram: Bowling Ball Forgotten At Airport Security Checkpoint!

a bowling ball with yellow and green paint
image: Instagram @TSA

Instagram is a fun way to share photos. I started using the site around two years back. I randomly was given 10,000 Club Carlson points for one photo that I had posted!

One of the most creative accounts is from @paperboyo. He creates really amazing photos using unique paper cut-outs.

Another favorite of mine is the TSA Instagram account. I usually end up with a good laugh after seeing their posts.

While the account is pretty humorous, they also share some important info. Did you now that your pie could fly over Thanksgiving? They also found a humongous lobster in a man’s carry-on bag.

A day or so back the TSA Instagram shared a photo of an item which was lost at Washington Dulles International Airport which you’d think would be hard to forget.

Someone forgot their bowling ball at the IAD TSA checkpoint.

I can’t imagine how somebody could carry a heavy object like a bowling ball and then forget it! Maybe they were tired of lugging around the extra weight?

The TSA tried making a funny by hoping that the person had a “spare“. Get it?

In the end, this TSA Instagram shared some valuable information.

Items left at TSA checkpoints are recorded into the lost and found log at the airport and stored in a secure TSA managed location. You can access a list of lost and found phone numbers for each airport at TSA.gov, or you can reach out to our AskTSA team via Twitter or Facebook Messenger.”

So there you have it, if you forget an item at a TSA checkpoint, there’s hope that you can be reunited with your item.

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