TSA Finds Lucille from The Walking Dead In A Carry On Bag

the walking deadThe TSA finds lots of interesting things in people’s carry on bags at the airport.

Over the summer they found and confiscated a 3-D printed gun.

Some other things that the TSA has found and that I’ve written about are¬†:

If you’re not sure if an item is allowed to be brought in your carry on or even in a checked bag, you can ask the TSA through¬†Facebook Messenger.

The TSA recently shared an item which was found in a passenger’s carry on at Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport.

One of the more popular shows on TV and probably my favorite is AMC’s The Walking Dead. The show actually films in Atlanta and the surrounding area.

One person tried to bring Lucille, a bat covered in barbed wire and fake blood in their carry on at ATL!

Even though the barbed wire was made or rubber, bats are still not allowed to be brought onboard. If you want to travel with a baseball bat, it needs to be placed in a bag which is checked.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Walking Dead, Lucille is the name of the choice weapon of the new bad guy in the show named Negan. Lucille can be a thirsty girl and has been used to commit some horrible acts in the show…

Check out the TSA’s post about Lucille here. (Image above from TSA Instagram.)

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