Scorpion Attack, Thai Etiquette Manuals, 3 Disney Parks-3 Coasts-1 Day, Delta Bag Guarantee, Ridiculous Landmarks, Amazing Plane & More-The Rehash!


With the second month of 2015 winding down, I applied for my first card of the new year. I got approved for the Chase Southwest 50K offer and will apply for the business card soon since I’d love to have the companion pass again. Hopefully the upcoming Rapid Rewards devaluation won’t be too rough.

I’m debating which other credit cards I should consider applying for this year. Obviously it depends on what kind of bonus is being offered, but since I’ve had most of the more popular cards, it can make things more difficult. I also wonder if there will be a 100,000 miles/ points sign up offer on any cards in 2015.

And now it’s time to take a look back at some of the posts from this past week in a recap that I like to call The Rehash!

Could this be the basis of a new movie? First there were Snakes On A Plane and now a scorpion attacks a woman on an Alaska Air flight. Scary stuff…

I think most of the world knows how bad the local airports are but are NY airports last in transit access to city?

I’d love to go to the newest edition of the World’s Fair but it doesn’t seem like it will work for my schedule. If you plan to go, Buy Expo Milano 2015 tickets in advance & save.

Love chocolate? Find out the best cities for chocolate lovers.

I wasn’t sure if this was offensive or funny when I first read the article… Thailand giving Chinese tourists behavior manuals.

Getting ready for world domination- Shake Shack is opening in Tokyo in 2016

For all of you aviation buffs out there, is this the most amazing plane ever?

Waste of time and money or good idea? Extreme Disney Travel: Couple visits 3 castles, 3 coasts in 1 day

I like the offer but why isn’t it a permanent thing? Delta guarantees bags in 20 minutes or get 2,500 miles.

Did anyone else receive an offer for double rewards nights- targeted

Find out some crazy facts about lesser known countries.

These sites look like fun and I’d like to visit most of them- Most ridiculous landmarks in each state.

Not nice American Airlines… AA leaves 1,000s of bags in Miami, leaving passengers in the dark.

And on that note, I hope that everyone has a great week. Make sure to keep checking back for daily new posts here at Michael W Travels!

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‘Til next time!

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