Disgusting: Cop Attacked By Mom & Daughter At Newark Airport

Airport Police

If I had any say in this case, this mother/ daughter duo should be banned from stepping foot in any U.S. airport…

Gothamist reports that a cop was beaten up at Newark Airport (EWR) when she asked them to move their car. These days it seems like not following the rules is the norm and people just don’t worry about repercussions from disobeying the police…

Nephatira Dansby went to Newark Airport to pick up her mom who was flying home from New Orleans. Her car was blocking traffic around 5:00 PM at EWR Terminal A and was told to move her car by an officer.

Rather than follow the request, Nephatira started to yell and curse at the cop. She was then ordered to pull her car to the curb.

This is when things get crazier.

When the office came to the car, the daughter hit her with the car door. She then started hitting the officer in the face and arms. Soon after mom showed up and joined in, also punching the officer.

Luckily other officers showed up and pulled the two off of the officer, arresting them. The Dansby’s are being charged for aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The officer was treated at a hospital for injuries to her face and knee.

This story makes me wonder… If these two were so quick to attack a police officer, I could only imagine what they’d do if they had a problem during a flight. Would a flight attendant’s rules be followed or would they just attack if they didn’t like what they were told?

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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