Best Gifts for Travelers, Unique Airbnbs, Big IHG News, What Foreign Tourists Think of U.S. & More- The Rehash


A birthday has passed, we’re setting out on our final trip of 2014 later in the week and I booked a flight for us for April to a destination I’ve been itching to get to for years. Overall, this has been a really busy and fun week.

Last week I mentioned ordering a guidebook before booking the flights for a potential trip. Well the tickets are booked so the guide will get some use like I assumed it would!

I hope that everyone celebrating Hanukkah has enjoyed the holiday so far. And for those of you celebrating Christmas, I hope that you’re close to finishing up (or finished) with your holiday shopping. This has been an extremely enjoyable holiday, watching Lucas tear open presents every day with a look of true excitement and wonder each time! (That just never gets old!)

It’s that time again for a look back at some of this past weeks posts in a recap that I like to call The Rehash!

Is there ever a positive Uber story these days? This time a woman passes out and gets taken on $293 Uber ride!

If you’re still looking for something for that special travel junkie in your life check out the best gifts for travelers, (my picks).

Working with little kids means playing with toys quite a bit during the day. I’d love to visit some of these legendary toy stores for all ages.

Some big hotel news- IHG buying Kimpton & Set Your Sights promoWhile we’re on the topic of IHG, here is the Expensive IHG Annivesary Free Night we booked.

Who knew there were so many interesting places to stay? Spend a night in one of these unique Airbnb options.

After a bunch of stories about macadamia nuts last week, here is one more… Nuts! Korean Air pressured employees to lie, to be sanctioned.

Some flights are about to get better food options. Blue Smoke is being added to more Delta flights.

Ever wonder? What do foreign tourists think of U.S.

My birthday passed yesterday and I received lots of e-mails from stores, airlines and other businesses. Here are a couple of good ones.

That wraps up this week’s rehash. Keep checking back for more posts at Michael W Travels. Hope you enjoy your holidays and if you’re traveling, be safe!

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