In-Flight Fight Over Crying Baby, Don’t Piss Off This Mom

babies on planes
The Matrix or in-flight fight? (image: yahoo-twitter)

In what appears to be a growing trend there seems to be more in-flight fights and arguments these days…

These situations seem to be occurring due to a lack of personal space on planes. Maybe it’s someone reclining their seat (I think they have the right to do so if they want), a lack of overhead bin space or maybe someone just being too loud.

This time around, a fight started due to a crying baby. Yes, a crying baby.

On an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong, two women complained to another woman about her crying baby. Imagine the nerve.

The two women said the”baby was making too much noise and demanded she silence the child”. Talk about ridiculous. I can’t imagine the mom enjoying hearing her child cry and be uncomfortable and it’s not like she could just turn a switch a quiet down a crying baby…

According to Yahoo an argument started after this and the “two women reportedly retaliated by reclining their seats all the way back. And then it was “go time.”

The mom then shouted at the two women and according to another passenger, the mom then leaned over and punched one of them. “They then started hitting her and all hell broke loose.”

The plane ended up landing in Hong Kong on time and the police supposedly interviewed the parties involved.

So who’s to blame in this situation?

Luckily for Kim and I, Lucas has always been a great flyer. He’s had bouts of crying maybe a couple of times max. We tried as best possible to comfort him by walking to the back of the plane, giving him a bottle or doing other things along these lines.

In my opinion, if the two women didn’t have something helpful to say to the mom, they should’ve kept their mouthes shut. All they managed to do was make a stressful situation for the mom much worse.

What do you think?

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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7 thoughts on “In-Flight Fight Over Crying Baby, Don’t Piss Off This Mom

  1. WAE- Thanks for your well thought out comment. However, I do not agree with the majority of your views. In the situation that took place on the Air China flight, I would say that blame can be places on both sides but if the two women didn’t get involved then none of this would’ve happened.

  2. Everyone should show basic respect to their fellow passengers. That means:

    1) Parents should not bring infants or very young children on a plane. If others are not bothering you, it is only fair that you to extend the same courtesy to them. It is impossible to guarantee your child’s behavior at a young age, and acting very entitled to risk bringing them. The mother who brought the baby was at fault.

    2) People should not argue with others on a plane. While you could try to politely approach someone, it is better to ask a Flight Attendant what the rules are and whether s/he can do anything to help. While they have the right to try to talk to a fellow passenger whose child was disturbing them, the women who started arguing were at fault.

    3) People should not recline seats when someone is sitting behind them. This again comes down to common courtesy. Think about if you like someone reclining in front of you. Who is at fault might be a draw here: the woman is allowed to bring a baby [although I consider it unfair to risk ruining the flight for fellow passengers] and the two women are allowed to recline their seats [although I think it is inconsiderate].

    4) Violence is never acceptable. The mother had no right to hit someone and should be arrested, fined, and banned from flying. This was not a case of self-defense. The mother who hit someone is at fault, including legally.

    Parents, please remember that you have experience with your children crying and making noise. You learn to pay attention when it is serious and ignore them when it is not. But you cannot expect others to be able to tune out your children, and it is unfair to ask them to try. No one blames a child for acting like a child, but we do blame parents whose self-centered choices directly affect us when we are sharing a cold, cramped, metal tube at 30,000 feet.

  3. LR- I didn’t think it was anyone’s job to “shut” their baby up. Babies don’t know how to behave while flying or probably anywhere else. They’re babies. Do you not get this???

  4. Paul- You are allowed to disagree and have you opinion on reclining seats however… If the seats weren’t meant to recline then they would be fixed in place. Reclining seats didn’t start the fight, the rude women did.

    I don’t appreciate your generalization of certain kinds of people and how they handle their kids. Guessing from your comment, its safe to say that you do not have kids and if you do, then I feel bad for them…

    The great thing about this blog is that it is mine so I don’t have to keep my mouth shut. If you decide to start your own blog then you can decide what gets written or not.

    BTW- I would’ve taken some of the nasty words out of your comment but had to leave it just to show how ignorant you are.

    Vicente- I totally agree with you!

  5. Disagree with you on reclining seats. That’s a douchebag move and in this case, sparked the fight (which emphasizes why it’s a DB move) Crying babies are a problem and criticizing those who don’t appreciate nimrods who don’t make every effort to keep their kids quiet (which, knowing doting Chinese parents, was unlikely the case) should perhaps take his own advice – and keep his mouth shut….

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