Up To 5000 Club Carlson Bonus Points for Dining

I just came across an offer from the Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa Card where I can earn up to 5,000 bonus Gold Points for dining out at restaurants.

I received the offer in the mail a while back and must’ve not noticed it. When we returned from our trip to the Balkans, our mail had piled up from a couple of weeks away so I probably just overlooked it.

The offer started Septemer 1 and ends on October 31. This means that the promo period is just about half over. I plan to now make my Club Carlson Visa Business card my go-to for dining until the promo period ends.

According to the mailer. ” Net purchases made at restaurants will earn 5 bonus points per dollar spent (up to 5,000 points).

The offer comes with a unique promo-code so it is a targeted promotion and registration was required by September 30. I’m definitely glad that I came across the offer before I missed out!

The bonus of 5 points per dollar is in additon to points regularly earned when using the card. This means all dines charged with the card will earn 10 points per dollar until I reach the maximum amount allowed (definitely not likely due to the expiration date).

If I were to max out the offer, I’d need to spend $1,000 dining at restaurants. This would earn me 10,000 Club Carlson Gold Points. That’s more than enough points for 2 nights (if you have the Club Carlson card) at a Category 1 hotel.

Did you receive a targeted bonus from Club Carlson for dining or in any other categories?

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