Flight Attendants Gone Wild or not?

two women in garments posing in an airplane

I haven’t seen flight attendants dressed like Victoria’s Secret models since I wrote about The Girls of Ryanair Charity Calendar almost a year back.

This time the airline involved isn’t posting these photos for charity.

According to Yahoo News, the photos may have been leaked on social media by VietJet as a PR stunt. The article goes on to say that “A popular Vietnamese lingerie model posted the images on her Facebook page over the weekend, claiming they were a promo shoot for VietJet“. 

The airline is coming off looking very bad on social media. Flight attendant Heather Poole wrote about “sexual harassment she and fellow flight attendants face”.

She had some strong words to say to VietJet through a tweet,

I’ve never scolded an airline until today.  @VietjetairCom, you should be ashamed of yourself marketing lingerie models as fight attendants.

Heather Poole @Heather_Poole

two women in garments walking up stairs of an airplane

A VietJet executive said the photos were from a trial shoot for a promo campaign the airline is considering and denied leaking them.

The article also mentions that this isn’t the first time VietJet went with “sexually-themed stunts”.

Do you think dressing lingerie models as flight attendants is going too far and out of line?

Find out more in the Yahoo article here.

2 thoughts on “Flight Attendants Gone Wild or not?

  1. A lot of things are sold through suggestive marketing that have nothing to do with sex. Though I don’t agree with that, it seems to work for many companies. So, why single out an airline when they are hiring models as flight attendants. I can understand if it was the other way around.

  2. I personally have no issue. Why ashamed? It’s beautiful.
    I remember (flew both Jetstar or AIr New Zealand late last year but dont remmber which one) safety video, it was showing a number of models on bikini promoting South Pacific tourism.

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