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awesome burgers

When I first read that chef and restaurateur Andrew Carmellini would be opening a burger and ice cream stand at the new William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I knew that I had to check it out.

I’ve had burgers at a couple of Carmellini’s restaurants (The Dutch and Lafayette) and they were awesome so I had high expectation for this new fast-food concept.

Mister Dips opened on Thursday, September 29,  and my family and I headed by to check it out a couple of days later.

people standing in front of a food truck

Mister Dips is located in Vale Park, a public space one story above ground with beautiful views of the city.

This isn’t your ordinary burger stand. Mister Dips is housed in a chrome Airstream trailer which is a pretty cool sight to see. Lucas wondered right away how the Airstream could’ve gotten upstairs! 🙂

The menu is pretty simple with offerings of burgers, fries and soft serve ice cream.

awesome burgers

I ended up sharing a Double Dip with Lucas. The Double Dip is a double cheeseburger with aged cheddar and sauce which I got on the side.

a burger in a wrapper

While watching the burger cook on the flat top griddle, I could already smell something that I wanted to eat and boy did it impress.

The patties didn’t look huge but they were definitely solid and filling. The first thing that I noticed when I took the Double Dip out of its wrapper was the amazing amount of melted cheddar totally covering the burger. At Mister Dips they definitely don’t go easy on the cheese!

awesome burgers

The burger was cooked perfectly to our liking. I’d say it was in the medium range. Their was a lot of flavor from the patties and cheese and it was served in a nice potato bun.

Due to the cheesiness, the patties slid out of the bun at times. It was also pretty juicy and a bit greasy from the massive amount of cheese.

The one thing that I didn’t love about the burger was the sauce which is something like a Russian dressing. I dipped the burger in the sauce for most of my bites and didn’t find it adding much. I felt it actually covered up the awesome flavor of the burger.

Kim took a bite of the burger and liked it. Lucas said it was one of his favorite burgers ever and even went back to the Airstream to let the Mister Dips crew know. They got a good laugh out of this and one of the guys recorded him saying how Mr. Dips was the best!

I’d say that this is a burger I could see eating quite a bit and one of the more impressive new burgers I’ve tried in NYC in a while.

a hand holding a cone with a chocolate ice cream cone

The other item we had to try was one of the Dairy Dips aka soft serve ice cream.

There are three options on the menu. Two of them sounded good to me and it was a tough decision so I let Lucas decide.

We went with the Jacker- Crax which has buttered caramel popcorn & salted peanuts.

I’ve had buttered popcorn ice cream in the past and really liked it so I looked forward to trying this version.

The first thing I was impressed with was the look of the Jacker-Crax. Definitely photo-worthy!

a hand holding an ice cream cone

More importantly, the ice cream was delicious! The popcorn flavoring of the ice cream was awesome. I could see it not sounding appealing to some of you, but it is really good! The caramel shell is also tasty.

The nice part about the Jacker-Crax was that it wasn’t overly sweet but it was really fulfilling and enjoyable.

While I’d definitely order it again, next time I need to try the Malter Cronkite, a crunch malt-chocolate twist! (We also need to give their waffle fries a try!)

I could see Mister Dips opening other locations. The food is delicious and the branding is also really great. (Lucas even asked if they sell their hat although I don’t think the guys working the Airstream heard him!)

Mister Dips is located at Vale Park (N.12th & Wythe Avenue) in Williamsburg- Brooklyn, NY.

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