Vanilla Reloads- One Last Time?

Vanilla ReloadsSo today is the final day for easy manufactured spend at CVS chain-wide using credit cards to purchase pre-paid cards like Vanilla Reloads.

After failing to score any at my usual, reliable location a couple of days back, I decided yesterday to give up on trying. Just a day prior to being told of the changes I had unexpected success at this same location.

All along I was hoping that the imminent demise of purchasing cards was not going to happen and for good reason- I was told some positive news at CVS over the weekend.

So with today, April 3 looking like it really would be the end, I couldn’t help myself and had to head on over to one other location where I’ve never had problems buying Vanilla in the past.

I went to to this other CVS and found the gift card racks to be pretty much- empty. The next step was asking if there was any Vanilla behind the counter. The CVS employee shuffled through a drawer for a minute or so. During this time I was beginning to think that I might just get some more cards.

Just as I was getting excited, he turned around and told me there were no more cards. He also looked by the sides of the registers and found nothing.

I thanked him and before leaving, I asked if there was a change in the policy.

No VanillaI was given the expected news that gift cards could no longer be purchased with credit cards. I then found out that this CVS had implemented the changes yesterday.

Oh well, I gave it one last shot. Now I wonder what will be the next fun way to earn easy miles and points.

PS- To mourn the loss of Vanilla purchases at CVS I headed on over to Staples to buy some gas cards! Find out how to Save .20¢ at the pump + earn 5X points in the NYC area.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Reloads- One Last Time?

  1. Forget about that drug dealer Cary. Inquiring minds want to know if Vanilla Reloads are sold outside the US. Seeing 5k, 10k, 20k yen Vanilla Gift Cards in Tokyo. Maybe we need to get involved in globalization?

  2. The Travel Sisters- Hopefully another “easy” option will come up soon! I’ve loaded Visa GCs to Bluebird at Walmart many times. The problem is that we don’t have a Walmart close by so I don’t buy the Visa GCs unless I know we are going to be near one. I haven’t heard of Mastercard GCs loading to Bluebird at Walmart. I’ve even seen people try and fail.

    StillReloading- Awesome! It would’ve been nice to get one more purchase in!

  3. It is definitely a sad day for those of us who used Vanilla reloads to manufacture spend. While there are other ways to do so I always found loading Vanilla cards to Bluebird to be the easiest way. It helped that I live right across a CVS that regularly stocked them. Have bought Visa and MC gift cards in the past and loaded those to Bluebird at Walmart so will start doing that more regularly now.

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