Vanilla Reloads At CVS in Brooklyn, NY- Is It The End?

cvs-logoOver the weekend all of us miles & points enthusiasts were in a mad dash to pick up our favorite flavor- Vanilla for most likely the last time.

After being very successful with my Vanilla Reload purchases all week, I went in on Sunday looking for more. I had picked up a bunch on Saturday but cards were out of stock this time. I spoke with a couple of employees, both of whom I think were managers and asked about changes coming to VR purchases but got (what I hoped) was some good news.

Find out What My Local CVS (Brooklyn, NY) Told Me About Vanilla Reloads.

Yesterday, March 31 was supposed to be the day when purchasing Vanilla with credit cards at CVS was supposed to end. However, many of us still took a chance and visited our favorite pharmacy looking to get another taste of Vanilla. There were reports both good and bad, related to the success in buying more reloads. However, most of the news seemed to be positive.

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Although I was told that my local CVS would not have reloads back in stock until today, I decided to pay them a visit. I ended up having unexpected Vanilla Reload Success which made me start to feel confident about the chances of getting more (hopefully today).

With mixed reports of some stores not allowing credit cards purchases while other still did, I headed over to my usually reliable CVS location in Brooklyn, New York.

I did my usual lap around the store to the two gift card racks coming up empty-handed like expected. I then waited on line to ask if Vanilla Reloads were back in stock.

The friendly cashier who had sold me $4,000 worth of Vanilla on Saturday had some news for me:

a close-up of a signVanilla Reloads were now only available when paid for with cash!

Shocked or saddened, I wasn’t sure how I was feeling. (OK, maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit.) I gave a big Whaaaaat! Then mentioned how I had just bought some the other day and the manager told me to come back on Tuesday.

She said sorry, cash only and there wasn’t anything more to it.

I asked if she was sure? Were there any Vanilla Reloads left, maybe she could try and see if it worked. I got another sorry and knew it really was the end.

In the end, it was a good run. In my final week buying Vanilla Reloads, I got $12,000 worth. I am now close to finishing the spend on my second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card so at least the timing worked out well!

Now onto the next big thing. If anyone knows what it is or has some grand ideas, please share as I’d love to find a new flavor of the month or should I say, year!

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