Vanilla Reload Doomsday Updates From Around The Country

Vanilla ReloadsEarlier today I posted about What My Local CVS (Brooklyn, NY) Told Me About Vanilla Reloads.

This is definitely a topic/ worry on all of our (points & miles enthusiasts) minds so I think we can all agree on one thing- we love our Vanilla!

It seems like there has been a mad dash to get in those last Vanilla Reload purchases and today was supposed to be the day that it all ended or… was it an early, cruel April Fool’s Day joke?

Thanks to some comments on my earlier post and Twitter, I have some updates on whether or not CVS is allowing purchases with credit cards. Overall the news looks very good.

We’ll start with the bad news.

CVS is not allowing Vanilla Reloads to be purchased with credit cards in:

  • (South) New Jersey Kathy from Will Run For Miles tweeted me this info from a FlyerTalk thread.
  • Texas according to Mike Patel

And now some good!

CVS is allowing Vanilla Reloads to be purchased with credit cards in:

  • Brooklyn, New York I had a bit of luck today (and will be posting about it in the morning)
  • Chicago according to “Chicago VR”
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida according to VenezolanoFLL on Twitter
  • New York City (Upper East Side) according to Kathy – Will Run For Miles
  • Philadelphia according to Nathan
  • Phoenix according to Corey
  • Tampa according to Pablo D. on Twitter
  • Northern Virginia according to Marvin

Point Chaser mentions that various locations in Florida, Michigan & South Carolina are still accepting credit cards. A comment on the post said Atlanta was business as usual too.

As of now it still seems like buying Vanilla Reloads comes down to YMMV. While one store says cash only, another CVS not too far away might be allowing purchases with credit cards.

If you’ve tried purchasing Vanilla Reloads today, please let us know where and if you were successful.

30 thoughts on “Vanilla Reload Doomsday Updates From Around The Country

  1. Cincinnati shut down today. Worked yesterday. Several CVS stores tried no success. Registers coded cash only

  2. Was able to purchase $2k worth Monday in North Irving, TX. Was told cash only policy went into effect Wednesday.

  3. I couldn’t buy them today in Denver – OH WAIT, we don’t have CVS here. Not all points/miles enthusiasts are in love with the bean…

  4. 2K in mount Dora fl. With CC! I think I’m the only person around who buys them. Always have a rack stocked full 🙂

  5. I couldn’t buy the vanilla reload cards here today at Sugarland Texas with my credit card… Only cash please…..

  6. I was able to purchase with credit card in Killeen, TX yesterday and Temple, TX today. If this policy is going into effect tomorrow; not sure, but I was good to go today.

  7. Gabriel- That’s too bad. Have you tried more than one location?

    Raj- Interesting. I am hoping my usual Brooklyn spot is good tomorrow. I won’t know for sure unless they get inventory though.

    Suzy- Awesome!

    Sriki- In which part of Texas was the purchase made?

    Eric- Awesome bounty, hope it continues! What part of NC were your purchases made?

    Travel Sisters- Glad to hear!

    Justin- Nice job!

    Paul- Looks like the gamble payed off!

    Cecilia Rose- Awesome, on what part of NC did you get your Vanilla?

  8. bought $5k tonight with CC in NC. No mention of changes from the cashier, but didn’t specifically ask either.

  9. I just bought a single VR for $500 in Texas. No problem. I don’t stay there but went on a work trip and decided to test a single purchase under $1000.

  10. I went to my usual locations (in Brooklyn as well), and one let me purchase with a CC but said tomorrow they will no longer allow it. The other location said they are no longer taking credit cards :(.

    1. BTW the second location said no credit cards for any gift cards- so they may be a little confused at this point.

  11. I was able to buy 6last night in Boston, Ma but got denied today saying cash only, it was the same cashier and he told me about the new rule.

  12. Juan- They’ve been scanning the IDs for a while now for purchases over $500. If that’s what it takes to let VR charging continue, I am fine with it.

    Maddy- Agreed! When we visited my parents in FL over Thanksgiving I couldn’t believe the amount of cards that were available!

    Venezolano- Getting a bit territorial! Thanks for the info earlier! 🙂

  13. I was successful in Ft lauderdale too. Jealous of the # of VRs they have in stock down here! Will be checking when I’m back in Wisconsin tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

      1. And don’t even think of going further south! Everything from below Fort Launderdale to Key West is my territory. Be warned – the last poacher this way got taken out by one of my guard alligators.

  14. I purchased $1k today in Roswell, GA with a credit card. The biggest pain was having the cashier enter all the information of my license into the system!

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