How Much Of The U.S. Have You Seen?

a mountain range with trees and textI like to consider myself a well-traveled person. During our travels, we try to see lots of sites and come away with lots of great, local experiences.

However, when it comes to seeing the United States, I feel like I haven’t seen nearly enough of the country. I didn’t have a ton of interest in exploring the US up until the past few years. On some of our local trip, I’ve definitely been impressed, especially during our week spent traveling around South Dakota.

Buzzfeed came up with a fun quiz which asks the question: How Much of the United States Have You See?

a collage of images of famous places
Some places from the quiz

In the quiz, 60 places & sites are listed with an image. I didn’t expect much but I’ve actually seen more than I initially thought.

Here are some of the places that I’ve visited from the list:

  • The French Quarter- New Orleans, LA
  • Boston Common
  • The Las Vegas Strip
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Independence Hall
  • Grand Canyon
  • Fenway Park
  • Alcatraz
  • Hoover Dam
  • Florida Everglades
  • many more…

Here is how I did:

a screenshot of a travel website

Wondering how much of the United States you’ve seen? Find out (according to Buzzfeed) by taking the quiz!

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10 thoughts on “How Much Of The U.S. Have You Seen?

  1. Joseph M- I feel like I’ve seen way too little in the US also.

    JEM- Impressive! Not sure what you have against the 2 you mentioned. We are not country fans but the Grand Ole Opry was really interesting. The MoM, while not amazing is still an interesting place to check out.

    Wendy- Awesome! Nice job! There have been a bunch of great fares to Hawaii in recent years. If not, why not use miles?

    DeltaSegmentFlyer- Very nice!

    Techmarauder- You must be an authority on the U.S.! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Leslie H- I would’ve expected also to see more National Parks on the list!

  2. I’ve seen all of your places plus all 50 states.
    Zion NP UT
    Corn Palace SD
    Minot ND
    White Sands NM
    Key West FL
    Barrow AK
    Lihue HI

  3. 48 out of 50 states (number 49 in June) and 46 out of 60 on the quiz but looking to knock out some more this year.

  4. 55 out of 60. I’ve been to every state I can drive to visit. Need to visit Hawaii but need to find cheapo airfare first. I’ve also been in every Canadian province and territory. Did a six week vacation to Alaska in 1991 driving every mile of the trip without being on a freeway.

  5. 48/60. Or maybe 48/57 – you couldn’t drag me near the Grand Ole Opry, Graceland or the Mall of America…

  6. I’ve done 36 of the places on the list but feel like I’ve seen nothing of what there is to see in the USA. I would have scored much lower if not for the fact that I live in NYC.

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