What Do Foreign Tourists Think of U.S.

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Ever wonder what foreigners think of Americans or better yet, the United States as a whole?

While I have some ideas of what the generalized ugly American (while traveling or at home) might appear to look like, these ideas are usually just bad stereotypes. (To get some ideas, check out the post Worst Things Americans Say On Vacation.)

When I think of what foreigners might think of us, I’d probably guess loud, out of shape, entitled, rude and some other (not so nice) things along those lines.

I came across a post from the Orbitz Travel Blog which has an awesome infographic:

  •  What Do Foreign Tourists Really Think of US?

The post has an infographic with 9 topics. Some of them are pretty funny and maybe hold some truth to foreigners thoughts on America.

Here are a few of my favorites:

visit USA visit USA visit USA visit USA

Other topics not included are:

  • Speed of Life
  • Toilets
  • TV, Film & Ads
  • Spending
  • Disposition

What do you think about the way foreign tourists think of the US? Is it justified & deserved or a bit over-done?

Check out the full infographic from Orbitz here.

One thought on “What Do Foreign Tourists Think of U.S.

  1. I will comment from my experience that I recently had a friend visit me (not from the U.S.) and said one day “why does everybody have a flag?” Or something like that. Thought that was interesting when I saw that bottom pic. Maybe compared to other countries we DO have US flags everywhere?

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