Lonely Planet Has A Toilet Guide

Lonely Planet

This might just be the strangest guide to ever be published by legendary travel guide company Lonely Planet and I have to say that I’m curious to check it out!

Lonely Planet publishes a variety of books other than travel guides. They have language guides which fit in well with travel & destination guides and then there are a variety of pictorial books.

Titles range in topic from World’s Best Seafood, How To Survive Anything to a favorite topic of mine- Signspotting (which I came across after I started taking photos of Ridiculous Street Signs).

So what is this new and strangest guide?

LP just came out with a book called Lonely Planet’s Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide. When I first saw the press release, I thought it would’ve been a good April Fool’s Day joke.

Lonely Planet

What can we expect in the Spotter’s Guide?

For those interested, the guide will feature over 100 of the world’s most stunning restrooms to remember from every corner of the globe (according to the press release).

Toilets featured are located all around the world. The book includes “15 impressive examples in the US“.

Thoughts on the topic:

What’s funny is that I can actually think of a few memorable bathrooms that we’ve come across during our travels. I wonder if any of these made it into the book!

  1. When Kim and I visited Bratislava, we went up to the top of the UFO Tower. What I remember most of the (tower) visit were the views from the bathroom high up in the sky. They were definitely quite impressive.
  2. The Berlin Wall is a symbol of the Cold War. The wall is recognizable and segments can be found all around the world. One one of my trips to Las Vegas, I decided to seek out quirky sights. One of them was a bathroom with part of the Berlin Wall inside of it. Check out an old, short post about the visit here.
  3. Not a toilet, but still amazing-during one of our trips to Africa, I had one of the most memorable showers. While in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, the showers were in a structure without a roof or a door. As you’re showering you can see nature/ the park all around you!

Are you interested in check out the new Lonely Planet’s Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide?

Find out more about the new Toilets Spotters Guide here.

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