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Outside Quiz: How Long Could You Survive Without…

a person walking on sand
image: Outside- WebbedHands Creative

I’m definitely no survival expert, I doubt that I could start a fire without a match or build a decent shelter in the woods if I needed to (or if I was cast to be on Survivor).

However, I’ve long been a fan of survival shows like Survivorman.

When watching shows about survival, they usually make things look easy. I often wonder how these people have so much knowledge about the outdoors. Continue reading Outside Quiz: How Long Could You Survive Without…

Quiz: How Well Do You Know US National Parks?

US National Parks

One of the things in the U.S. that I’d most like to do is visit more of our National Parks.

To date I’ve only visited a handful of the main parks like Badlands in South Dakota, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, the Everglades in Florida and the Virgin Islands snorkeling on St John. (I’ve also been to Grand Canyon West for the amazing Skywalk however it isn’t part of the NPS.)

I wouldn’t claim to be an expert when it comes to U.S. National Parks but was curious to see what I knew based on a quiz from Outside Magazine. Continue reading Quiz: How Well Do You Know US National Parks?

Bear, In NJ That’s What’s for Dinner…

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I’m a big fan of Outside Magazine and Outsideonline.com. I recently subscribed again to the magazine (for free of course).

(I used some of my free FREE Spirit miles from their 1,000,000,000 miles giveaway over the summer. Check out my post about Spirit’s State of the Hate Report and find out a little about the promo. If you didn’t claim your share of the miles, you can still do so- a link where to go is in the post.)

Outside is great because they talk about all different interesting things- travel, sports, gear reviews, news and other topics related to the outdoors… Continue reading Bear, In NJ That’s What’s for Dinner…

How Prepared Are You For The Wild? Take the Quiz

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 10.22.00 PM

A few years back I received a free subscription to Outside Magazine.

I didn’t think it would be a magazine that I would enjoy but their articles happen to be really interesting. When the subscription ran out I didn’t renew but I still find great articles from them online and through their Twitter postings. I include one article from Outside just about every week in my weekend recap post.

I came across a fun quiz from Outside that wants to determine How Prepared You Are For the Wild. Continue reading How Prepared Are You For The Wild? Take the Quiz

This Angers Me So Much

an elephant with tusks walking in the woods
image from Outside Magaazine-Madhav Pai/Flickr

Even though Kim & I don’t  have any pets, we still love animals. Growing up, my family had a dog until I was around 7 or 8 years old. I know that pets can be a lot of work and I can’t say that I’d really want to have that kind of responsibility now.

However, over the years we’ve had many unforgettable animal experiences while traveling around the US and the world.

Continue reading This Angers Me So Much