A $600,000 Personal Submarine

Personal Submarine
image: Outside- Nuytco Research Ltd.

I came across what might just be the coolest invention that I’ve seen in quite some time thanks to Outside Magazine.

Imagine having your very own, wearable, personal submarine. That can be a reality for you, but you’ll need a small fortune to purchase an Exosuit.

Nuytco Research has developed a dive suit which Outside Magazine feels is more of a “personal submarine“. I can’t say that I disagree with that assessment.

The Exosuit looks pretty hardcore, like something we’d see a character wearing in the latest superhero movie. I could totally see Iron Man vs. the Exosuit!

Some stats about the Exosuit: (according to Outside)

  • It can descend to 1,000 feet: the aluminum frame can withstand a crushing 29 atmospheres of pressure. 
  • Four integrated thrusters propel the suit in any direction
  • 19,000-lumen LEDs light up the depths.
  • On-board CO2 scrubbers are good for up to 50 hours of dive time

The Exosuit can be monitored from the surface thanks to a 1,200 foot tether which doubles as a safety. If there is an emergency, the diver in the suit could be brought back up with the tether. There are also attachments for the suit.

All of this for a cool $600,000!

I do think that it looks pretty incredible and probably a lot of fun but wow, that price.

Find out more from Outside Magazine here.

1 thought on “A $600,000 Personal Submarine

  1. Yes, it looks cool, but it’s a 600-lb working suit. I have a hard time calling anything that normally needs to be tethered to a 1200-foot 240V/50A 3-phase AC umbilical a “submarine”. The spec sheet doesn’t say anything about heaters, either, though I’d guess that’s part of the electrical load. If not, the time at depth would be pretty limited in most places. having served on much bigger submarines, however, I’d love to try this out.

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