Most Unusual US Landmarks

US Landmarks
Grand Canyon Skywalk

After coming across USA Today’s list of America’s Quirkiest Attractions, I felt it would be fun to mention a few of my picks.

Soon after, I saw a slideshow from Fodor’s about a related topic. Fodor’s writes about the 10 Most Unusual US Landmarks which I was definitely curious to check out!

Let’s see what kind of landmarks made the cut.

Fodor’s included a variety of places. One site is natural, while the other 9 are manmade. They include four “world’s biggest” (you fill in the blank) with one you can even spend the night in. A couple of others are sculptures made from cars.

Here is the list:

  1. World’s Biggest Beagle: Dog Bark Park Inn- Cottonwood, Idaho
  2. Cadillac Ranch- Amarillo, Texas
  3. World’s Largest Thermometer- Baker, California
  4. World’s Largest Boot- Red Wing, Minnesota
  5. World’s Largest Ball of Twine- Cawker City, Kansas
  6. Sunsphere Tower- Knoxville, Tennessee
  7. Carhenge- Alliance, Nebraska
  8. Palace of Fine Arts- San Francisco, California
  9. Devils Garden, Arches National Park- Moab, Utah
  10. Grand Canyon Skywalk- Arizona

After going through the slideshow, I  saw images of a bunch of familiar sites although to date I’ve only visited one of them.

Back in 2010, my brother and I took a day trip from Las Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. While the Skywalk is a pricey place to visit, we had a great time walking along and looking down and over the glass bottom bridge. I’d definitely recommend a visit for the amazing views from the bridge and around the area of the GC.

From this list, there are a few that I’ve wanted to visit. I’d love to spend a night at the Dog Bark Park Inn. I’d also like to see the largest ball of twine just because it looks and sounds so ridiculous! Since I’ve been to Stonehenge years back, I think it would be a lot of fun to check out Carhenge!

Here’s a bonus: Check out this bizarre landmark that we stopped by while driving through New England a while back.

I’m actually not sure that landmark is the best name to use to describe Rolling Rock in Fall River, Massachusetts. However, it was propped up in this intersection and a plaque was added to commemorate it in 1930.

According to the plaque, the rock is recognized as of great historic and scientific interest due to unique tilting features!

What do you think of this list of unusual landmarks? I’m sure many good ones are missing. Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments below.

Find out about each of the unusual landmarks from Fodor’s slideshow here.

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