Jumping At Covered Bridges- Vermont, USA

a man jumping in front of a red covered bridge
Taftsville Covered Bridge
While visiting Vermont I figured it would be nice to stop and visit a few covered bridges. There wasn’t a lot else going on so this made for a fun reason to drive around. Many of the bridges have a distinct look and style to them and I figured they made for a good place to do some jumps.
a man jumping in the air
Queechee Covered Bridge
Covered bridges are a popular attraction in Vermont. There are around 100 throughout the state. The bridges come in various colors, sizes & can be open or closed on the sides. They are covered to protect the bridges from the elements during the winter.
a man jumping in the air in front of a covered bridge
Other side of Taftsville Bridge
Many covered bridges were badly damaged by Hurricane Irene in August 2011 including both bridges shown in this post. I am not sure if the bridges will be repaired or replaced. From what I read, the Taftsville Bridge was taken apart to be repaired and the fate of the Queeche Bridge was not decided as of yet.
a man standing in a covered bridge
Inside Taftsville Bridge

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