Jumping By the Parliament Buildings of Barbados

a man jumping in front of a building
When we stopped by the Parliament Buildings in Barbados they were already closed for the upcoming holidays. Kim and I weren’t really that interested in taking a tour but the buildings are impossible to miss when visiting Bridgetown so we decided to take a look.
a building with a clock tower and a river
View of Parliament while walking from bus station
We took the bus from our hotel to Bridgetown which took about 20 minutes. While walking from the bus station to the city center, you could see the clock tower of the Parliament Buildings from pretty far away.
a man standing in front of a building
Although the clock tower looked nothing like Big Ben in London, it totally reminded me of it.(Barbados is known as the Little Britain of the Caribbean due to being a former British colony. The even drive on the left and everyone speaks English.)
After checking out the buildings, looking around from the outside, I decided that it was a great place for a few jumps. The clock tower would serve as a great background for some photos!
a building with a clock tower
View of Parliament from National Heroes Square

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