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1,000,000 Reasons Why This Guy Had The Best Vacation EVER

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image from CBS News article/ WPRI-TV

What makes a vacation one that you would consider the best ever? Is it seeing lots of new sites, discovering great new food, making new friends or maybe its just lying around and unwinding for a bit?

For Thomas Mistele the answer would be none of the above. While on vacation in Rhode Island he had the best vacation ever due to winning the lottery to the tune of Continue reading 1,000,000 Reasons Why This Guy Had The Best Vacation EVER

Jumping by the Old Stone Mill- Newport, Rhode Island

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While planning a visit to Newport, Rhode Island I came across a site called the Old Stone Mill or Newport Tower, located in Touro park. The mill looked really interesting and worthy of a quick stop for some photos.
a stone structure with arches

There seems to be some controversy surrounding the Old Stone Mill.
While it is believed to have been used as a mill and built in the mid 17th century, tests have been done to suggest that it could’ve been built centuries earlier and possibly used for other purposes. Some have also said that the mill is comparable to other medieval buildings found in Europe that were built in the 1100s.
a stone structure with arches

Regardless of when the Old Stone Mill was built and what it was really used for, it is a very interesting structure and made for a great place for a jump!

Johnny Cakes- Providence, Rhode Island

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Food TV has been really hot for a while now. Many channels dedicate lots of programming hours to food related shows. While I am not so interested in actual cooking shows (asides from Top Chef), I do really love shows like Bizarre Foods, Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

I love visiting restaurants featured on these shows. I find some to be hits and others to be way over-rated and not so good.

Since my blog is focused on travel, I plan to feature some of the places that I have visited.