Jumping At The Equator- Kenya

a man jumping in the air
Side 1
While traveling overland through Kenya, many days would consist of long hours on the tour truck with not much to see along the way. We would stop a couple of times to use the bathroom and for a lunch stop.
This day we had a bonus stop. We got to stop at the Equator for a photo-op! There was a small shop selling junky souvenirs but nobody was around to do the water demonstration.
(We’d get to see that later on during the trip while stopping at the Equator in Uganda)
However, there was a very nice double sided sign worthy of taking some pictures.
a group of people standing in front of a sign
Group Photo

I love to jump for pictures (for why I jump, click here) while traveling and immediately thought that this was the perfect place for a jump. I had to get pictures jumping on each side of the sign.

a man jumping in the air
Side 2
a man and woman standing in front of a sign
My wife and I

I also had to get a picture at the Equator with my wife and then asked if anyone else from the group wanted to join me for a jump. A few people thought about it but in the end I only had one person willing to give it a shot.

a couple of men jumping in front of a sign

This 15-20 minute stop ended up being a lot of fun and probably the highlight of the day.

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