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New Zealand Town Will Give you $160,000 To Work There

New Zealand
image: wikimedia commons

Have you ever wanted to pick up and move to a new destination far from home? If so, maybe you should consider heading to New Zealand.

A small New Zealand town has lots of jobs available but not enough people to do them. So what’s a small NZ town to do? Try to get people to move there by offering a very generous recruitment campaign! Continue reading New Zealand Town Will Give you $160,000 To Work There

Southwest Is Hiring 500…

Southwest Airlines Jobs
image: Nuts About Southwest

If you’ve ever dreamt of working for an airline and love working outdoors then Southwest might have a job for you.

The airline is looking to hire 500 Ramp Agents to “to provide our famous Southwest Hospitality by handling cargo and baggage service, directing and servicing aircraft, and performing related activities on the airport ramp” according to Nuts About Southwest.  Continue reading Southwest Is Hiring 500…

5th Most Dangerous Job In America Is…

a man in a cockpit of a plane
image AP- Huffington Post

Ever wondered what the most dangerous jobs in American might be? If I had to guess, I’d go with policeman, fireman, construction workers and bike messengers.

I can’t say that I’ve ever really put much thought into this questions but in an article from Yahoo Finance, Killer Jobs? No Really they decided to examine this topic a little bit and one of the jobs that made the list has a lot to do with travel. Continue reading 5th Most Dangerous Job In America Is…