Quiz: Which Exotic Island Should You Visit?

a colosseum and eiffel towerIsland vacations aren’t usually my idea of a destination for a great trip unless we’re talking about places like Australia, New Zealand, Malta and other similar locations.

The examples I gave are places where there are lots to do besides sitting on the beach. When I hear the word island, I tend to think the Caribbean. Not my favorite part of the world to visit although we had a nice time in places like Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. (We’re actually thinking of using up Kim’s remaining Southwest points for a trip to Jamaica.)

Smarter Travel came up with a quiz to help find out Which Exotic Island Should You Vacation On?

Since I am interested in some island destinations I thought it would be fun to take the quiz and find out where Smarter Travel says I should go!

The quiz is made up of five multiple choice questions.

Here they are (including the one at the top): a collage of food a group of animals with hats a collage of images of a beach and a body of water a two boats in the waterWhen I saw my results from the quiz I felt pretty silly. I totally forgot to mention one of the favorite places in the world that I’ve been. And, it happens to be an island!

Here is the island I should visit: a group of stone statues on a grassy area with Easter Island in the background I have to say that Smarter Travel’s quiz did a great job matching up the island I should visit and for the exact reasons why. The only problem is that I’ve already been there, not that I wouldn’t like to visit Easter Island again some day!

Are you the kind of traveler that likes to lounge around on a beach or get out and explore a destination?

Find out which island you should visit in Smarter Traveler’s quiz here.

2 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Exotic Island Should You Visit?

  1. I was recommended for Easter Island as well. Galapagos is where I’d go long before wasting my time on Easter Island.

    1. Paul- I’d also love to go to the Galapagos but why the negative feelings towards Easter Island?

      Have you been there? I’m guessing you haven’t. EI is an amazing place and calling it a waste of time is a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

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