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Searching For A Dhaka Topi Traditional Hat In Nepal

nepalOver the years I’ve gotten much better at minimizing the amount of souvenirs (junk) that I purchase while traveling.

I remember coming home from Thailand (about 10 years ago) with an extra bag filled to the brim. Now it seems like many countries sell the same kind of this. Most of the time, if I am buying something it is for my boys.

However, there are a few items that I still like to purchase when visiting new places and one of them is traditional hats. (Click the link to find out about some of my other hat purchases from around the globe.) Continue reading Searching For A Dhaka Topi Traditional Hat In Nepal

A Visit to the Vienna Beef Factory Store

a sign in front of a building

While planning my trip to Chicago this past October, I came across a tour that I really wanted to take. However, there were a couple of problems.

  1. The tours are only given on Wednesday mornings and we were arriving Thursday night
  2. The tour was booked up through winter 2014

The tour that would elude me was a visit to the manufacturing facility of Vienna Beef.
If I couldn’t get to learn about how hot dogs were made at VB, I decided to do the next best thing- visit the Vienna Beef Factory Store & Cafe.