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$80,000 Honeymoon Cancelled, Man Sues

Ebola Fear

I couldn’t imagine booking a trip and then canceling it, losing money in the process unless it was an extreme circumstance.

Now imagine someone shelling out over $80,000 for their honeymoon to Africa… Then, due to Ebola fears they decide to cancel even though they’d be visiting countries “more than 3,000 miles from the outbreak in the western part of the continent“.

Does this make any sense? To top it off, the man who booked the trip is now suing the travel agency that booked the trip for him! Continue reading $80,000 Honeymoon Cancelled, Man Sues

Flight Attendants Making Ebola Kits?

ebola precautionsA little over a week back I wrote how I’d Fly To South Africa Amid Ebola Fears.

This post was more a hypothetical statement rather than a let’s go to Africa right now kind of idea. I’m very glad that Kim and I have had the chance to visit Africa a few times. We took many safaris and those trips are some of our fondest travel memories.

When the time is right I do hope to return to Africa. I can’t wait to see Lucas’ face the first time he sees elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and a variety of other animals roaming freely where they belong. It is this image that most makes me want to return to a continent that I’ve had such great experiences in. Continue reading Flight Attendants Making Ebola Kits?

I’d Fly To S. Africa Amid Ebola Fears But…

a screenshot of a social media postLast night I came across a couple of interesting tweets from my friend Rene, author of sites such as Delta Points and Delta Mileage Runs.

The first tweet was about a post for a favorable airfare from Toronto to Cape Town, South Africa for $975. Probably a very solid price but not something I’d be interested in. Since I travel with Kim and Lucas, $975 would then become $2,925 for the three of us. Plus, I’d still have to get us from NYC to Toronto. Continue reading I’d Fly To S. Africa Amid Ebola Fears But…