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Best Underwater Adventures In the World

a man swimming with a shark
image from Fodor’s article

During my travels I’m not one that will look to do many activities that deal with water. It’s not that I’m not a good swimmer, I do consider myself to be pretty decent. The reason I am not so into water/ underwater activities is due to the fact that I (unfortunately) suffer from sea-sickness.

However, I have enjoyed snorkeling and kayaking at a variety of destinations during my trips. If an activity takes place on a lake or river then they are fair game, when in open-water like an ocean or sea then it is much more debatable.  Continue reading Best Underwater Adventures In the World

Amazing Bars & Restaurants Underwater Around the World

a large glass cylinder with blue water
Radisson Blu Berlin AquaDom

While I really enjoy snorkeling I haven’t really done any underwater exploration. I used to have an interest in scuba diving but really have no interest anymore.

Years back Kim and I took scuba lessons in anticipation of visiting the Great Barrier Reef during our honeymoon to Australia. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to open water- I usually get a very bad case of seasickness. I’d say that within 15 minutes of our boat leaving for the GBR, I was upchucking that morning’s breakfast! This made for a torturous day stuck on the boat. I got in the water and tried to descend one time but when I went to clear my mask, one of the instructors yanked down on me, causing me to push him off and head back for the surface. This was the end of my scuba diving career before it even got started. Continue reading Amazing Bars & Restaurants Underwater Around the World