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One Airport Now Has A Weather Simulator

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
image: screen capture from Climate Portal video

A temporary “Climate Portal” at Stockholm Arlanda Airport aims to bring the weather from around the world to you, making the world a bit smaller…

Weird, right? When I first read about this on CNN.com I thought it sounded a bit odd but still intriguing in some ways. Continue reading One Airport Now Has A Weather Simulator

World’s Largest Hotel Will Have 10,000 Rooms

worlds largest hotel
image: CNN

In 2017 there will be a new worlds largest hotel, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

According to CNN the Abraj Kudai will be the world’s largest by room count. It will have close to 40% more rooms than the current top dog, the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas.

I found it kind of funny to see that the current hotel with the most hotel rooms is located in Sin City while the place that will take the crown will in Islam’s holiest city… Continue reading World’s Largest Hotel Will Have 10,000 Rooms

World’s Highest, Longest Glass Bottom Bridge Opening In China

China Tourist Attractions
image: Haim Dotan LTD from CNN article

I just came across a great reason to visit the Hunan province of China.

The world’s highest and longest glass bottom bridge is set to open in Zhangjiajie National Park this July!

Back in 2010 I had a chance to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk during a trip to Vegas. The Skywalk was an awesome experience, offering amazing views. China’s bridge sounds quite similar just a whole lot longer and higher up from the ground. Continue reading World’s Highest, Longest Glass Bottom Bridge Opening In China

Where is Anthony Bourdain Going on Parts Unknown

image: CNN

I’ve long been a fan of Anthony Bourdain but I tend to go back and forth when it comes to watching his shows.

Since Bourdain left The Travel Channel for CNN I’ve only caught a few episodes of his newer series Parts Unknown. The thing is, since I rarely watch CNN I tend to forget when his shows is actually on!

Overall, I really enjoy Bourdain’s travel- food themed take on locations both at home and abroad. (However his sarcasm can be annoying at times.) Continue reading Where is Anthony Bourdain Going on Parts Unknown

10 Best Nighttime Adventures

When traveling, adventures and amazing experiences don’t always have to take place during the day. According to CNN, “just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to turn in too“.

While most of our major travel experiences do take place during the daylight, there are lots of interesting and neat things that we can do at night.

CNN came up with a fun list featuring 10 of the World’s Best Nighttime Adventures. Continue reading 10 Best Nighttime Adventures

Daughter Takes Life-Size Cutout of Dad On Trips

During my first trip to Germany with my brother, we ended up taking a day-trip by train with a group from our hostel.  Right away I noticed  a guy travelling with an overly large duffel bag so I assumed that he was heading to the airport after the excursion. Boy was I wrong.

Inside the man carried an extra-large Teddy bear with a folding stool. He explained how he took it all around the world, taking photos of the bear. He even had a book of photos that he proudly showed as proof. The reason that he traveled with the bear had something to do with his son. I wish I remembered more of the details but this was probably around 7-8 years back.

While reading online I came across a story that reminded of that time in Germany.

CNN writes of a 25-year-old woman that has traveled for a month across Europe with a life-sized cutout of her father. Continue reading Daughter Takes Life-Size Cutout of Dad On Trips

Best Balloon Rides In The World

Growing up I always felt that hot air balloons looked like fun and  always wanted to take a ride in one. Back in 2010 I got the chance to do so during a trip to Turkey and it didn’t disappoint.

I didn’t know quite what to expect. Would it be a pricey mistake or one of the most amazing experiences?

When we got to the balloon launch area, it was pretty crazy. There were dozens of balloons being prepared for flight which in itself was an interesting sight to see. Once we lifted off it was pure, amazing fun. Gliding in the air over buildings and while seeing the famous chimneys of Cappadocia, you might just think that you were on another planet!

Continue reading Best Balloon Rides In The World

Win A Trip For 2 To South Africa

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.16.32 PM

The film Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom is being released everywhere on Christmas Day. To celebrate, CNN is running the Mandela Long Walk To Freedom Sweepstakes, giving away a trip for 2 to Cape Town!

To enter the sweepstakes, you must correctly answer questions about Mandela’s life before filling out the entry form.

The Prize: A 6 day/ 5 night trip to Capetown, South Africa for 2

Continue reading Win A Trip For 2 To South Africa