World’s Largest Hotel Will Have 10,000 Rooms

worlds largest hotel
image: CNN

In 2017 there will be a new worlds largest hotel, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

According to CNN the Abraj Kudai will be the world’s largest by room count. It will have close to 40% more rooms than the current top dog, the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas.

I found it kind of funny to see that the current hotel with the most hotel rooms is located in Sin City while the place that will take the crown will in Islam’s holiest city…

CNN mentions that the Abraj Kudai will be “a complex” featuring 12 towers and 70 restaurants and a full convention center. It will also have helipads because my guess is that alternative ways to get in and out of such a large property will be necessary!

The hotel is currently under construction and has a price tag of $3.5 billion to build.

It will be located “just over 2 kilometers from the Masjid al-Ḥaram, Mecca’s holy mosque” according to CNN.

The article lists the top five largest hotels by room count with Vegas properties currently taking four of the spots.

Find out more from CNN here.

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