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Daughter Takes Life-Size Cutout of Dad On Trips

a man and woman posing in front of a large stone buildingDuring my first trip to Germany with my brother, we ended up taking a day-trip by train with a group from our hostel.  Right away I noticed  a guy travelling with an overly large duffel bag so I assumed that he was heading to the airport after the excursion. Boy was I wrong.

Inside the man carried an extra-large Teddy bear with a folding stool. He explained how he took it all around the world, taking photos of the bear. He even had a book of photos that he proudly showed as proof. The reason that he traveled with the bear had something to do with his son. I wish I remembered more of the details but this was probably around 7-8 years back.

While reading online I came across a story that reminded of that time in Germany.

CNN writes of a 25-year-old woman that has traveled for a month across Europe with a life-sized cutout of her father. Continue reading Daughter Takes Life-Size Cutout of Dad On Trips