One Airport Now Has A Weather Simulator

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
image: screen capture from Climate Portal video

A temporary “Climate Portal” at Stockholm Arlanda Airport aims to bring the weather from around the world to you, making the world a bit smaller…

Weird, right? When I first read about this on I thought it sounded a bit odd but still intriguing in some ways.

When you’re heading out to a new destination are you curious to test out what the weather will be like? I can’t really say that I’ve been.

However, the Climate Portal can give you a sampling of the weather where you’re going by being “hooked up to several online weather services and translates the data from weather stations across the globe directly into our physical world. This way you can experience the other side of the world by just stepping through a door. At any given moment the climate from three different places on Earther are similuated live inside the chambers” according to Dev Malhotra, Executive Technical Director Studio Noc.

The portal uses wind and temperature simulations along with audio & visual, to give a “preview of where you are going so you know if you need to get that extra warm sweater or pair of sunglasses before boarding” according to Yvonne Boe, Communication Manager Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Could the Climate Portal be a genius new way to increase sales of goods at the airport???

The Climate Portal will be at Arlanda Airport until the end of August 2015.

Find out more about the Climate Portal in this YouTube video:

Check out the CNN article where I first heard about Arlanda Airport’s Climate Portal here.

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