Visiting Some Eminem “8 Mile” Film Locations in Detroit!

EminemOver Spring Break, we visited Detroit primarily to sample Detroit-Style pizza at various shops.

While the main part of our visit was pizza, we still needed to find things to do with our time besides eat! This led me to look into film locations from the Eminem film “8 Mile”.

Some film locations were located in the downtown, not too far from where we were staying while others required a set of wheels to get to them.

Here are the “8 Mile” film locations we visited during our trip.

8 Mile Road: (photo at top of post) As we drove around, I had to stop to take a photo in front of a sign for 8 Mile Road. This was not a film location as far as I know but it was a fitting photo for this post…
a man standing in front of a trailer8 Mile Mobile Court: Rabbit moves back in with his mom at the trailer park. Quite a few scenes were shot here. The area definitely feels a bit shady but we didn’t see anybody around when we stopped by.

You can find it at  20785 Schultes Avenue, Warren, MI 48091a man standing in front of a cow statueThe Cow Head: Rabbit and his boys drive around shooting a paint ball gun hitting this cow head in the movie. This is probably my favorite site we visited on this little adventure.

Cow Head:  13099 Mack Avenue, Detroit, MI 48215.
a tall building with many windowsWJLB Radio: While wandering around downtown, we stopped to checkout the awesome art deco Penobscot Building. We weren’t allowed to go inside to look around. I didn’t realize this was the location of the radio station until after we had stopped by.

The Penobscot Building is located at 645 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226.a man standing in an old buildingRap Battle: Rabbit’s group Three One Third have a rap battle and a fight with rival group Leaders Of The Free World in this incredible theater turned parking garage.

The garage is located at the Michigan Building where you’re supposed to pay a $5 fee to visit. We waited 20 minutes and nobody came to the front desk. The parking lot attendants told us to walk up to see what remains of the theater. This is truly an incredible site and another favorite!

The garage is located at 220 Bagley St, Detroit, MI 48226.a car parked outside of a buildingNew Detroit Stamping: This is where Rabbit works and also has a rap battle. It was filmed at a real stamping plant, New Center Stamping.

You can visit it at 950 Milwaukee Avenue, Detroit, MI 48211.a collage of buildingsThe Shelter: This is where Rabbit participates in rap battles during the movie. He chokes in the beginning and then comes out on top at the end of the film.

It’s a real venue in the basement of St Andrew’s Hall (right) but was filmed in the now fixed up  Downtown Louie’s Lounge (left).

Downtown Louie’s: 30 Clifford Street, St Andrew’s Hall: 431 E. Congress Streeta sign outside of a restaurantBonus: Mom’s Spaghetti: While it isn’t in the movie 8 Mile, Eminem opened this takeout window and merch shop in Downtown Detroit. The spaghetti sandwich wasn’t very good but we had to check it out!

Mom’s Spaghetti is located at 2131 Woodward Avenue

Final Thoughts:

I can’t say that we’ve ever actively went to find film locations before while traveling. As a big fan of the movie 8 Mile (and Eminem), this was some (more or less) free fun.

8 thoughts on “Visiting Some Eminem “8 Mile” Film Locations in Detroit!

  1. Awesome! Glad I stumbled upon this article crossing the border to check out Detroit with my son and will be doing this little 8 Mile tour

  2. I never knew he still in Detroit Michigan in by 8mile wow dang need start doing model or movie tik tok or picture to visit over there

  3. Steven Martinez- I read it was a dairy building- Ira Wilson & Son’s not a Dairy Queen. Very cool that you used to go to the shop!

    DaninMCI- LOL, def a fun idea if you’re into the film!

    Michael- Very cool!

  4. That cow head on Mack avenue that’s a dairy Queen been standing there since the early 60s used to go to it all the time when I lived in that neighborhood growing up in it my aunt lived on coplin and Mack avenue in Detroit on the east side there

  5. I love movie filming locations like Union Station Chicago (Untouchables) for example but I’ve failed to think about the 8-mile sites in Detroit on my visits there. I guess I should prioritize my travels better because… you may only have “One shot or One Opportunity To seize” it. 🙂

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