McDonald’s McMansion in Freeport Maine, Searching For Gnome Mountain, Souvenir Shopping At The Maine State Prison Showroom & More- The Rehash!

rehashThis was meant to be posted earlier in the week… 🙂

Over Labor Day Weekend, we took a short trip to upstate NY. I’ve already published a couple of posts about it.

This was my first week back to work (in-person) in quite some time. It’s going to be an interesting school year! I guess we’ll take things as they come and hope for the best.

How has your week gone when it comes to miles, points and travel?

Now it’s time to take a look back at some of last week’s posts in a recap that I like to call, The Rehash!

Do you know about the McDonald’s McMansion in Freeport, Maine? It’s one of the more impressive McD’s we’ve visited.

Check out the Bluffworks BluffCube packing cube on Kickstarter! There’s only a few hours left to get in on this offer.

Here is your chance to win US Open “Swag and Sweet Treats” from Chase. Enter daily until September 13, 2020.

Find out about our visit to the Maine State Prison Showroom.

Over the weekend, we went searching for Gnome Mountain in High Falls, NY.

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s rehash.

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